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Beicker Engineering Inc. was founded in 1982 by Davy Beicker, PE, RMT. The employees of Beicker Martinez Engineering/Beicker Engineering have recently organized Beicker Consultants, LLC as an employee owned and woman owned small business. Managing members are Lacey Beicker, Michael Zezula, PE, Roger Martinez PE, SECB, Nick Dudley, PE, Mike Bratten, EIT and Chris Dallal.

Beicker Consultants is a nationally known full service structural/construction engineering consulting firm located in San Antonio, Texas. We provide structural and construction engineering services for commercial, industrial, and governmental buildings to both private and public sector clients throughout the Sate of Texas.

We are recognized for our in-depth understanding of engineering concerns and for our collaboration with the entire design and construction team. Our experienced team of Professional Engineers and support staff work together to provide simplified engineering solutions to complex projects.

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